Hotel “Wrong Transaction” Spam

Lately there have been some spam emails claiming to have details about an incorrect hotel transaction. The email is a ploy to install malware on your computer. Here’s how it works, You receive an email telling you that a hotel has incorrectly charged your credit card The email also says that you should fill out … Continue reading Hotel “Wrong Transaction” Spam

Facebook Un Named App

Here’s a combined hoax and malware. Let’s start from the beginning. People have been posting notes on Facebook about something called “un named app”. It tells you to remove something from Facebook. It’s a hoax. Don’t believe what it says, don’t follow the instructions, and don’t pass it on. Below are some quotes of the … Continue reading Facebook Un Named App

A Sophisticated Way To Steal Money

Here’s an example of a very sophisticated piece of malware designed to steal money. It was discovered recently in Germany and was used to steal €300,000 in 3 weeks. Here’s how it works: You visit a web page that has been hacked. It’s an ordinary web page (such as a news site), nothing looks out … Continue reading A Sophisticated Way To Steal Money

False Microsoft Patch Emails

Tuesdays are when Microsoft publishes patches to their software, and today they’ve published quite a few (if you use Windows then you should be installing the patches today).  However today there’s a malicious email being sent around that looks like it came from Microsoft (it’s actually fake). The email tells people about the patches and … Continue reading False Microsoft Patch Emails

HP Flash Drives Ship With Malware

Hp flash drives were found to contain malware. These devices were sent as promotional items with new Proliant Servers. Both 256MB and 1GB USB drives were infected with worms (W32.Fakerecy and W32.SillyFDC), and the worm can copy itself to all other mapped drives on your network. This is particularly bad because IT technicians generally install … Continue reading HP Flash Drives Ship With Malware

PayPal Phishing

There’s a new phishing attack targeting PayPal customers. It begins with an email like the following: Subject: PayPal Account Review Department Dear PayPal customer, We recently reviewed your account, and we suspect an unauthorized transaction on your account Protecting your account is our primary concern. As a preventive measure we have temporary limited your access … Continue reading PayPal Phishing