NBN Scams

In Australia we now have the NBN, the National Broadband Network. Everyone here has heard of it, most people have had problems with it. So scammers are using its popularity to gain people’s trust before defrauding them. Here are the most common scams that have been reported:

Signing up victims to fake accounts – a scammer rings a victim to “connect” them to the NBN for a low price. They sometimes demand payment through iTunes gift cards.

Gaining remote access to computers – a scammer pretends to be from NBN Co claims there are problems with your computer. They try to convince you to run commands on your computer to gain remote access and steal personal information, install malicious software or demand payment to fix “problems” they have discovered.

A scammers impersonates NBN Co to steal valuable personal information like your name, address, Medicare number, or driving licence number. The scammer may tell the victim they’re entitled to a new router, and say they need these personal details to confirm the victim’s identity.

If you’re not expecting a phone call and someone calls you claiming to be from any company (your bank, your network provider, your insurance company, your tax department, etc), never give them any personal information until you can confirm who they are. Get their name, tell them you’ll call them back. Hang up, look up the company’s main number on Google, call them, and ask to speak to the same person. This way you know who you’re talking to before giving out any personal information.

If you receive an unsolicited phone call asking you to run commands on your computer then it’s a scam.

Any organisation asking for payments in gift cards (e.g. iTunes cards) is a scam.

Please talk about these scams with older people, they’re more vulnerable because all of these NBN changes can be confusing.

Fake Bank SMS

Below is an SMS that pretends to be from a bank. It’s a scam, and here’s how you can tell:

ANZ scam

  1. I don’t have an account with ANZ. So it’s obviously a scam.
  2. I didn’t request any accounts to be deactivated. They wouldn’t normally do this without you requesting it.
  3. If a bank really did deactivate my account they would send me a letter in the mail, on official letterhead, in a branded envelope. They wouldn’t use SMS or email.
  4. This is the most important clue: the URL at the end is from “is.gd” – this doesn’t sound like anz.com.au, it’s completely different.

So what is a “is.gd” domain?

Firstly, .gd is the top level domain of the country Grenada. Not something an Australian bank would use to communicate with their customer. But apart from Grenadian businesses it’s commonly used as a novelty domain because it sounds like “good”.

Next, “is.gd” is a URL shortening service. I’ve written about URL shorteners before. What you need to know is that it’s used to shorten (or hide) the real URL. So by looking at it you can’t know where the URL goes. You might be tempted to click on it to find out, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Clicking on untrusted URLs is one way to get malware.

So what about this is.gd domain that has the word ANZ at the end? There’s a safe way to find out what it points to – use a service called http://wheredoesthislinkgo.com. You put in the short (untrusted) URL and it expands it. So in this case, it expands to:

So not the ANZ bank’s website. We can stop here, we don’t need to click on the link. We already know it’s not really from the bank, they already lied in the original SMS so their motives are probably malicious.

What about the sender’s phone number? Can it be identified? No. SMS allows senders to change the “from” address or phone number. You need special software to do it but it’s not hard. So In this case the sender is “Message”, which is also suspicious. But really, anyone can put anything in the sender’s phone number. Just like with email.

Delete the SMS, no harm done at this point. And if you tell your friends and family about it (maybe show them the SMS before you delete it), you’ll be raising awareness of the scam. This is the best way to fight back, reduce the chance of others falling for it.

If you receive a similar SMS (with different wording) you can share it here in the comments.

Apple Support Scam

If you see the following message appear on your iPhone, it’s a scam. Some code on some web pages causes the web browser to show an alert with some “scary text”, urging you to quickly call their phone number. After you call they’ll ask you for money for their (fake) support, from $19 to $80.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with your phone and you’d be paying for nothing. It’s a scam.

If this happens to you and you can’t get rid of the messages, close Safari, put the phone in Flight Mode, go to Settings, Safari Settings, and clear history and website data, then turn off Flight Mode.

The message says:

Warning IOS – Crash report

Due to a third party application in yourphone.

iOS crashed

Contact Support for an immediate fix

+1-800-556-2901 (Toll Free) immediately!

There will be other variations of this text. If you find other versions please let me know in the comments below.

Complicated Ukraine Scam Email

I’m not sure what to make of this one. It’s a long complicated email I received that is obviously fake. A little research on Google leads me to believe Dr. Valentyna Petrenko didn’t really send it and that he’s name is being used without permission. But it’s so difficult to read that I’m not sure what they’re after. I’ll paste it here for reference, just remember don’t believe anything in this email:

From: Valentyna.Petrenko@gmx.com
Subject: Honoured Ladies and Sirs ! Kindly help in urgent S.O.S. situation !

Honoured Ladies and Sirs FBI Inteloligence Services Specialists !
Kindly use next information for urgent sending me with my patient to Your appropriate scientific research hospital.
P.S.: 5/II/2015 / : I.) Aleksey Viktorjvich MAKEEV was operated urgently without my investigations; Now he is in dreadful condition, after his incision of the bladder, bladder catheterization with drainage, his postoperative wound has operative burrowing of bladder fistulas; After he got dilated the bladder neck he has bladder cystic pain and urine flow -empty the bladder- through bladder fistulas too. But Irrigating the bladder was stopped.
I.2.) Patient Makeev has ANEMIA, hemorrhagic vomiting, tarry feces and I.3.)Postoperation Cachexia with chills periodically. II.) Before syringectomy It will be useful to attach to nearby tissues at liver angle, rectum
bowel, hypogastrium, etc., my invented anti-cancer chips. III.) Because 14 thousands grivnas for operation do not guarantee safe health recovery , I bag You to allow him to be operated in more civilised and less corrupted Country ! If International Global Chamber in Paris is not interested in modern Cancer treatment and can not give us an appropriate hospital place, kindly help us to create new Cancer treatment in Your God Blessed Georgia !
S.Y., Dr.Valentyna I. Petrenko, paediatrist. I am glad inform to You that I am a REAL PERSON , not a robot, but pediatric doctor in second generation: I had sent to You my photo with a lette. Also kindly contact me with appropriate and person at medicinal treatment hospital or etc., and researches for “Fibromioma’as well
as my proposol for surgical ‘Prostate’ treatment , using Letter N2. My mob: +380986103428
N.B.: I had registered at SKYPE as * Valentyna.Petrenko2 * *for library time 14-17 h in Dniepropetrovsk. I’m looking forward to You. S.Y., Dr.Valentyna I. Petrenko, paediatrist in second generation.
Letter N2: Kindly adopt my project with Your Scientific Division ,
VII. Honoured ladies and Sirs Scientific Research Division Officers !
Dear Colleagues !
Kindly urgently send Red Cross Fly two tickets for me and my patient = injured warier, he is suffering cruelly needs urgent Prostate operation and agree to be a first pilot patient instead a suicide. My door step is at Address: Dr.Valentyna I. Petrenko(M.D.), Chkalova -str. 33 / 37, Dniepropetrovsk,49000, Ukraine /
S.Y., Dr.Valentyna I. Petrenko(M.D.)
After that kindly involve urgently an appropriate practical surgeons scientists for the urgent treatment my patient Alexey Victorovich MAKEEV; He had defended me physically and juridically both but the scoundrels of post-KGB gang had poisoned him by radiolabelling and cancer cells too. In our post -Soviet Country Ukraine it is impossible for us to treat even the tooth: Post- KGB gang had zombied dentists and they had used dental fillings into my healthy teeth with 3/fang-purulent infection and 5/-cancer cells. Or kindly use any other possibility on Your wise choice to save our livings. S.Y., Dr.Valentyna I. Petrenko(M.D.)
P.S.: Also I shall need Your help to register and defend all my Know How too.
N.B.: New Cancer Prostatae Treatment (As well as for Fibromioma Maligna treatment).
I. Conservative treatment program
I.1. Magnetic Resonance Microwave Therapy
I.1.1. Measurements of the energy characteristics of the ??n??r cells of ???i?nt in ‘Status Localis’ ?rostatae gland and then in various adjacent and distant organs and tissues .
I..1.2. Fixation potential of microwave characteristics; ?ccurate reproduction of information on computer media.
I.1.3. Spread recorded Microwave characteristics dates at 180 degrees; That is to change the potentials places : plus (+) into minus (-) but minus (-) into plus (+); So Creating the therapeutic effect.
I.1.4. Impact of therapeutic effect ( I.1.3.) on ‘Status Localis’ ?rostatae gland ?nd the surrounding tissue to a significant better complete transformation of ??ncer cells into connective tissue and fiber cells.
II. The Radio-surgical method for surgical removal the ?rostatae gland by (Cyber-Knife magic needle = bullet, etc.): ( As well as the Soviet Union You have more than 40 – years experience of ( I.+II.) with my Know-How long stolen secretly.)
II.1. ?h? therapy in the post-operative period with further use ( I.1.3.) I.1.5. Continued long treatment plan of ( I.1.3.) method after surgery II.
III. The Plastic Surgery.
III.1. Plastic Surgery using any material for the thinned wall of the bladder. As ?rostatae gland cancer spreads often to the rectum in parallel, so it is necessary the Plastic Surgery using any plastic sewn material for the rectum wall too.Do not forget surgical hemostatic sponge /film III.2. Sewing up some preliminary created micro-Chips= the producers of micro-Waves against Cancer cells (magnetic – resonance treatment) into ‘locus minoris resistetia’ in ststus localis and nearby.
III.3. .Removing the control potentials from postoperative ‘status localis’ and whole organs than systematic and as well as periodic treatment of the ‘status localis’ and whole body by ( I.1.3.) method, accoeding to patient’s condition .
IV.In the complex treatment of all comorbidities also include ( I.1.3.) method.
V.Required to connect remote magnetic – resonance treatment but without additional introduction radiolabelling the patients’ body; because he is overloaded and crippled enough with mandatory state radiolabelling.
VI.The operation can be useful for all Your radiolabelling citisens too.
VI.I. Measurements of the energy characteristics for the ??n??r cells and ( I.1.3.) method will be useful for all Your radiolabelling citisens routinely as the highlights the need for early preventive strategies.

Subject : Document.S.O.S.UrgentCollaborationHelp
I am Dr. Valentyna Ivanovna Petrenko (M.D.), Paediatrician in II generation; My useful proposol is collaborate together with Your top spacialists . Kindly adopt all next information together with Your Intellectual Property Intelligence services. Genetic congenital diseases is epidemic in XX – XXX century A.D. The best treatment for Genetic congenital diseases is it’s prevention = prophylactic. The best prophylactic – the genetic prevention is. As You know all congenitall invalids (criminals including) are gene-defective creaches. I am ready to depend on Your Noble Malta Knights organization my Know-How in Neo- Eugenics genetic diseases treatment, prevention, treatment, etc. And Your Country, all our Continent (as well as other countries worldwide) will have a whole army of healthy + high intellectual talented persons instead if “army of invalids”. Honoured Nobel Prize Committee is still research my Know-How Project during years (Keeps in secret), but mankind continue produce gene-invalids of 20% now-days; + fertile absence or miscarriage 20% too, et ctr. My proposal is to open the new Scientific Direction in Genetics: and Your wise involving me as genuine Researcher. Cooperation and treatment is possible under Your protection only. Because there are much folse “investigators” -pretendents & are parasites on my discovery now in some countries: there are 24 of “Valentynas Petrenk’s’ in USA ” only since 1995 ; Most of them are secret relatives of Worlds’ Zionistic Organization and Post-Soviet KGB; and have attempt in future to realize my inventions K-H, whichr KGB had stolled from me and my mother since 1950 y. (my childhood). I am looking forward for Your wise invitation for me to my living=postal address: Dr. Valentyna I. Petrenko, Chkalova-str. 33 / 37, Dniepropetrovsk,49000, UKRAINE //
P.S.: Also I need Your help because I have not any possibility for register all my investigations, inventions and discoveries in my Ukraine Country or at WIPO. Because electronic mafia use psichoprophic weapon all the time i try any step for registration and I am suffering with severe headache immediately. So, kindly use all Your power for help me and pull me out; and Your Country will have a whole army of high-health +talents instead of “army of invalids”. Hope, while I am alive. S.Y., Dr.Valentyna I. Petrenko M.D.). …- – -… Unfortunately I must inform to You the following: I. Dangerous state criminals placed themselves at the head of the Global Scientific Gene Project (GSGP) for Acceleration the Human Development for the purpose to multiply their genetically dangerous sort of people. That Soviet and post-soviet criminals and their crew had stalled that my GSGP by the using the micro-wave interrogations about 1967. As well as all my other intellectual property. The GSGP had revolved the Communist’s Idea of creation the “Human of New Formation” with genetically ill Zionist’s organisms; as well as project revolved all the “scientific” work of the whole institution of the same name in USSR. Later KGB criminal breachers of trust had replaced and improved all the stolen ideas from my brain into the brains of their offspring or relatives, common stupid ones. Already Kremlin reconnoiters-marauders have sad experience: they spread out their criminal or dubious amended gene cells broadly in Russia and in post Soviet territory. Mafia achieved pitiful sorrow underdeveloped fruits, a really Black P.R. for my idea. But in such a way plagiarize hope mistakable to forestall all the mankind in all branches of global historical development and to become leaders of the planet. But in their dangerous gene mistrustful, buccaneer orientation. KGB malfeasance kill me slowly with overdosing of Roentgen-active substances and microwave tortures from early childhood. By that methods electronic mafia kill women and children; my relatives were killed and all my private life was mutilated. Soviet high KGB authorities-plagiarize of science and Zionists began realize my death from the very childhood. Now they had INCREASED their efforts but I am helpless against their crimes. Now my health is in the dangerous state: nephrons, liver and heart clinically picture out the decompensating poisoning and need the blood cleaning; fibromioma of 29 weeks needs operation; necessity of adrenal glands replanting had produced my new Know-How (NH) cell project (autogenic method, including diabetes treatment). Now I beg Your kindly urgent help! My brain cries for the rest-time! For the God’s Sake pull me out to the civilized country for all the operations and real treatment, where the electronic mafia will not be capable CONTINUE kill and poison me mortally. Also I can not survive on 30 USD for a month here. Now mafia grabs my living flat together with the Dniepropetrovsk’s court, I shall not have pl ce to live in. II. GSGP for Acceleration the Human Development purpose to achieve the high gene level of our ancient Aryan ancestors as they were – 7500 years ago. The project gives a hope to protect the mankind from the spoilage out our civilization and of the Higher Developed Civilization’s rejection from us. My project was designed with Know-How : 1) The ADDITION of healthy donor’s (Index Petrenko =IP with congenital positive crossing over), I(O)Rh+ nucleon into the sperm’s nucleon or into the nucleon of any other cell + I(O)Rh+ ovule for achievement the healthy zygote. 2) And other my K.H. I depended on Nobel Committee also to take one, etc. of donor’s nucleon and one of different group of blood, but from the donors with noble genetic features, such as single-lover(devoted) or extreme talents, long-levity,beauty (white, big blue eyes, etc)+ ovule I(O)Rh+. +Test as at SU 1804782 A1 A 61 (21)4424188/14 (22)08.04.88 (46) 30.03.93. Bul. N 12 (75) V.I.Petrenko (GOSPATENT USSR)And,of cause, X-chromosome test ). 4) To replant the healthy ovo cells +(1-3) to women with defective ovules. 5) To help all congenitally ill human organisms, even deep invalids for the healthy> pregnancy; for males(!) as well as for females; and giving birth to a talents. 5.A). In the case of Diabetes, etc. ill mothers, using my separate KH-project for rise healthy genetically enriched fruit in animal’s organism till 6-7 month for treatment future mother with implantation the necessary organ. 5.B) In the case of Rh-negative defect it is necessary to use nucleons from specific donors, who was burned with low weight but showed high capabilities. 6) Never use any cell from criminals for the reproduction because of unknown hidden durable defects! 7) To increase the Acceleration of Evolution of Homo Sapience by all that (1-6) methods; never confuse with “HAMo (cad, boor) Sapience”. 8) To inculcate similar (1-6) genetic methods upon the animal breading and plant cultivation for artificial acceleration of evolution for valuable animal and vegetable kingdom. 9) Never use my Know-How Yourself because of mistakes and creating human invalids! II.A. Mafia has had stalled all my Know-How, even my cell-nucleons, CONTINUE their robberies of my ideas from my brain using m-w. weapon. One of scoundrels is my unasked co-authors of my dissertation ‘Nauchno-filosofskie osnovy genetiky-eugenikcy (neoeugenics) ‘ is at post-KGB still now-time. The dissertation had been stalled from my brain when I was 26 years old, printed by the name of Annenkov etc. in Western Europe. Mafia do not allow me to read or use it till now-days. The profession of scientist was prohibited for me by the pro-Zionistic mafia in the same reason. III. Mafia still solicit to marry my cadaverous for inherit my previous staled prizes, nheritances and future Nobel Prize. Mafia CONTINUE to poison me and falsify their trails by ordeal. Oppress down my brain intellectual function, do not allow me to fill in application forms to the European Court of Human Rights while I am here in Ukraine. IV. That’s why honored Nobel Committee need to verify all the discoveries and inventions for control them free from psychotropic robbery. Need to ask NATO for specific help. defend those, as I hope, true honest scientists who had worked at neoeugenic problem by my initiative: 30 years ago I had prompted one clever KGB officer to ‘lose’ my neoeugenic project in Western Europe and in USA in purpose for their intelligence sections will easy ‘find’ the secret USSR neoeugenic plan. For exclusion that scientists must be treated as colleagues. Behold! Now all the mankind have two grate problems: 1- The marching down from Homo Sapience to Homo Bipedalis and 2- The World supremacy the criminal pro-Zionistic HAmo Bipedalis over European Homo Sapiens. Do You have the more important urgent sense affair? – No, You have not. “Cassandra is true always”. V. In 1984 I had first revealed epidemic of scoliosis but the electronic mafia covered that fact with silence. Epidemics are of equal worth as discoveries, considering that in medicine our discoveries are very sad, so, we describe them. As a rule the epidemic is described once in each century, unfortunately, our century has had two epidemics: The first was AIDS and the second is SCOLEOSIS- disease as result of using Ro-active substances for the psychotropic weapons. Archaeology shows us bone fossils as most strong human remains, but the soft tissues are frailer and destroyed first, especially most delicate brain and gene cells. The epidemic of scoliosis on our planet is only a small visible part of the iceberg (10%). The larger hidden submarine part (90%) is more dangerous to environmental and genetic-injury causes, means human suffering. So the visible scoliosis epidemic is a sign of the latent hidden destruction and genetic degradation of Homo Sapiens to the level of Homo Bipedalis caused by semi-lethal and lethal genes. I sincerely hope the Honored Nobel Committee and Nobel Institute will pay wise attention to the urgent rescue of the remains of the healthy intellectual genetic human fund on our planet, and consider this problem as primary in the research interests planning. It is urgent to collect and multiply the healthiest genetic fund of all the highly intellectual civilizations on our planet. Great Mother-Nature gives us healthy genetic donors but in Europe ethnic and civil wars and modern psychotropic radioactive weapons leave us only a healthy human population remains of 1% ! Those 1% people are clinically and physically healthy, have high intellectual capabilities, and fewer forms of scoliosis. For them the Index Petrenko is: (0,1-0,5 – S – 0,5-1,5 cm). Do not confuse with Syndrome Petrenko, which reveals the real 100% scoliosis disease. Usually the gene donors are good school girls with light eyes, shaten and of nice figures. They are seldom young boys shaten with light eyes, long-legged sportsmen. “Mens sana in corpora sano”. Now it is possible the gene zygote enrichment according to my KH (1-6 of II) project for the preventable prophylactic, etc. treatment all genetic diseases including boors, criminals, gene defect’s predisposed scoundrels and sly nsidiousness, AIDS predisposed population, etc. Also, the project has not any sexual sin,does not confront any religion and high morality too. Thanks God, other European countries had not such extreme survival trail as severe Chernobyl catastrophe is. So, it is just a time to pay wise attention to the unique Ukrainian tenacious of life gene fund of 1%. For my deep sorrow all the members of Honored Nobel Committee have scoliosis as well as their children. So, do You have more sense affair? – No, You have not! The urgent rescue of the remains of the healthy intellectual genetic human fund will relieve the centuries. Happy and healthy human beings with genetically high intellects and really free from pathological genetic diseases will newer hurt nature, the planet or other human creatures, and they will not need the Ro-active poisoning for military (as et KGB) control too. They will protect nations from evil politicians and world catastrophes. If it will cost one milliard USD (1 000 000 000)or EURO – it will be only a small part of expenditures our countries spend for weapons, military, medical treatment of genetic diseases, political, environment, survival, AIDS, etc., but which will be abolished in the future. VI. N.B.. Dangerous hidden Zionistic strategist,” Hebrew religious”, etc. leaders gave me the oath to erect the solid golden monument at the whole figure size (on my choice) at my lifetime, if I discover the treatment for their terrible congenital diseases. I did find, elaborated the genetic treatment project, look II, 5A), 5B), etc.,of GSGP. After that I had ordered qadriga (4-horses) monument of the promised whole size and weight. But that Zionists.., unwillingly they remember, expecting for my murderous death they mean promised a pledge only for alive person, they continue to keep silence. The whole world knows that it is quite possible for Jewry to implement the vow. But in such a case, will it be judiciously or reasonable enough to multiply that sanitized by my GSGP Ham-sort Zionists with their sly insidiousness, who disgrace all the normal innocent Hebrew people, including my friends? It is very dangerous to confuse Zionists and pro-Zionist’s mafia of “HAmo Sapience” with anybody else, even with nazy-fashists. I have a sincere hope that Honored Nobel Institute and Nobel Committee will consider this urgent human genetic-rescue project in the nearest time. Also I have a sincere hope to be honored for Your kind invitation for my verbal report and demonstrating my KH personally. Also Your wise kind protection will help the European Court of Human Rights to defend me from world-wide mafia. Honored Ladies and Gentlemen ! I ask Your noble lawyers of highest skillfulness to save the mankind from all that murderers-plagiarise; also I ask to defend all my authors’ and human rights, projects, ideas, intellectual property and KH that mafia has robbed during all my life. After that, please, embed and spread all my project’s methods in Europe and in other countries on Your competent choice. Desirable while I am alive. With a great hope I am looking forward to Your wise answer. Also I need Your help because I have not any possibility for register all my investigations, inventions and discoveries in my Ukraine Country or at WIPO.Because electronic mafia use psichoprophic weapon all the time i try any step for registration and I am suffering with severe headache immediately. So, kindly use all Your power for help me and pull me out; and Your Country will have a whole army of high-health +talents instead of “army of invalids”. Hope, while I am alive . Thankful beforehand, sincerely Yours, Dr. Valentyna I. Petrenko (M.D.)
Address:Dr.V.I.Petrenko, Chkalova-str. 33/37, Dniepropetrovsk,49000, UKRAINE / / E mail:

SMS Photo Scam

Below is an SMS scam. It’s personalised, which means the person running the scam has a list of names and phone numbers. The idea is that you’re being tricked into clicking the link, which takes you to a website. In some cases the website is a fake store telling you you have $500 credit. It then asks you to download an app. You should never install apps on your phone from random scammers.

If you see this SMS delete it. It’s a scam.

The sender’s phone number is most probably fake, which isn’t hard to do with SMS messages. The link shown at the end will probably be different each time. The country code shown in this SMS (+855) is from Cambodia.


The message says:

Chris, you received (1) new photo message: http://sn.im/<characters removed>

The sender’s phone number here is:

+855 1207355146


Notice to appear in court

The following email is part of a scam, it includes an attachment that most likely contains a virus, you should not open. Delete the email if you see it.

Notice to Appear in Court,

This is to advise that you are required to attend
the court of Los Angeles in January 8, 2014 for the hearing of your case.

Please, kindly prepare and bring the documents related to this case to Court on the date mentioned above.
Attendance is compulsory.

The copy of the court notice is attached to this letter, please, download and read it thoroughly.

Clerk to the Court.

Fake Apple Billing Update

The following email is not from Apple. It’s part of a scam. If you get this, delete it. Do not click on the links.

Subject: Warning !-Apple-Update-Billing-Account

Dear Apple Customer (),

This is an automatic message sent by our security system to inform you know that you have to confirm your account information in 48 hours.
Your iTunes – Account & Billing is prone to be frozen because we are unable to validate your account information. If you do not confirm your account your applications will be deleted from your App Store.
This process does not take more than 3 minutes. To proceed to confirm your account details please click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Verify Now >

Wondering why you got this email?
It’s sent when someone adds or changes a contact email address for an Apple ID account. If you didn’t do this, don’t worry. Your email address cannot be used as a contact address for an Apple ID without your verification.

For more information, see our frequently asked questions.

Apple Customer Support

How can you tell if it’s real or not? Easy. In your email program (e.g. Gmail), place the mouse over the “Verify Now” link. Don’t click, just hover the mouse over it. Somewhere on your screen, usually at the bottom, you’ll see a link. In this email, the link in this fake email starts with tilassa. This is not Apple. If were genuine, Apple’s domain is apple.com, not tilassa. So it’s fake.

Other clues that it’s fake:

  • The email sounds urgent. Most scams use this tactic, it’s a psychological trait we have that we don’t scrutinize urgent matters well.
  • There are mistakes. This one’s pretty good compared to the usual scam, but it says to confirm your account in 48 hours. It should say within 48 hours (there’s a small technical difference).

Apple $100 Reward Scam

Some people have received an email that looks like it came from Apple. The email promises a $100 reward card. All you have to do is give the scammers your name, address, date of birth, driver’s license, mother’s maiden name and your credit card details, then pay them $9.

It’s a scam. It’s easy for scammers to fake an email, complete with Apple’s logo and their email address. If you hand over any details your credit card will highly likely be sold off and used for fraudulent transactions. And that $9 – you’ll never see it again.

The email looks like:

Dear Apple Customer,Apple is rewarding its long-term customers.

Your loyalty for our products made you eligible for buying an Apple Discount Card.

With this only 9 AU$ Discount Card you will have 100 AU$ credit at any Australian Apple Store or on http://www.apple.com/au/ .

To acquire your Apple Discount Card please download and complete the attached form.100 AU$ Credit Bonus

(You will receive your Apple Discount Card via e-mail in the following 24 hours after your payment has been made.)

Once again, this email does not come from Apple – it’s a scam. You should never trust unsolicited emails (or phone calls or door knockers).

How could anyone fall for this?

Sadly, there are people who think “what if it’s true, I don’t want to miss out”. The same scam would work with any high profile company or product. Be wary and let others know.


Photographer Scam

A recent scam targets photographers, asking them for money. Here’s a quick summary of how the scam works:

  • The scammer places an ad on Craiglist, looking for a photographer to photograph an event. The ad is appealing, offering an easy job and high pay.
  • A real photographer responds and they engage in a quick negotiation and get things going.
  • The scammer sends the photographer a cheque as pre-payment. The cheque is for more than the agreed value (overpay). The cheque is counterfeit.
  • The photographer banks the cheque.
  • The photographer makes out a new cheque to return the balance and posts the new cheque to the scammer.
  • The bank tells the photographer that the cheque bounced. By then it’s too late.

Below is an example email of this scam:

Hello ,

Thanks for the quick response and I’m sorry if my message came in late , i have been busy with other arrangements and i hope you understand .Its really nice reading from you and im glad to hear that you are available for my wedding .

I want you to know that this is a inside wedding and the order of events will mail to you a week before the wedding day but the order events is likely to be pictures first, then the wedding ceremony , and then the reception but let me discuss this with my lady because is our wedding so our two has to make the decision together . I hope you understand my point of view.

I want you to know that we will be taking formal pictures so i will like you to recommend 45minutes or an hour set aside for taking formal pictures because we have large family from both my side and the bride side and friends /co-workers we will want to take pictures with . So it will be easier if we can take the pictures before the ceremony because it will be more relaxed with fewer time constraints and would like you to set up a great “first look” shot of me looking at my bride for the first time on the wedding day.

the wedding date is ##th of sept 2012

Basically we need your service starting from 12pm to 6pm .

We are expecting 250 guests i.e 200 adults and 50 children .

And also there will be a table place set for you at the reception , so you don’t need to bring your own food but it will be nice if you can just give me an hint of what kind of food you want us to arrange for you i.e if you are vegetarian or eat all kind of foods .

Further more , there will be special important parts/people at the ceremony or reception that i would want you to take a picture of .I will send the list of the important parts/people to you a week before the wedding day and i want you to know that my wedding is a sleek modern wedding .

I need you to get back to me with your charges and i will be paying you upfront , I just called my uncle who will be in charge of your service fees he told me that your payment will be paid to you via certified check so he has asked me to ask for your full name and physical address with zip code that you want the payment to be send to so as for me to secure your service for my wedding party.

I’m currently on working on off shore and im using impaired device ,so therefore i can only send message via internet or send you an sms from my pinger ..

I will send you the venue address once you agree to everything i stated above and also waiting for the details to issue on the check…

Will be expecting to read back from you with the details I have asked for thanks so much and God bless.


And here’s a photo of the the actual counterfeit cheque:

Counterfeit cheque used in phtographer scam

What can we learn from this? Maybe not to return any money until the cheque clears. And to be vigilant of similar scams. If you know any event photographers you might want to let them know about the scam. There’s more information here.