Apple Support Scam

If you see the following message appear on your iPhone, it’s a scam. Some code on some web pages causes the web browser to show an alert with some “scary text”, urging you to quickly call their phone number. After you call they’ll ask you for money for their (fake) support, from $19 to $80.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with your phone and you’d be paying for nothing. It’s a scam.

If this happens to you and you can’t get rid of the messages, close Safari, put the phone in Flight Mode, go to Settings, Safari Settings, and clear history and website data, then┬áturn off Flight Mode.

The message says:

Warning IOS – Crash report

Due to a third party application in yourphone.

iOS crashed

Contact Support for an immediate fix

+1-800-556-2901 (Toll Free) immediately!

There will be other variations of this text. If you find other versions please let me know in the comments below.

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