This website was created to help everyone avoid being the victim of online fraud, scams, identity theft, viruses, spyware and other online dangers.

So many people these days are tricked into installing dangerous programs or providing personal details to people with bad intentions. Victims are just regular people.

But not everyone is at risk. Many IT professionals and serious computer enthusiasts appear to be immune to all the dangers present on the internet. They don’t have spyware on their computers slowing them down to a crawl, they haven’t been scammed into providing passwords or credit card numbers, and their computers aren’t taken over by hackers. Why? Because they’re usually very technically minded and understand how the internet works. They know how to protect themselves and their computers.

So what’s an ordinary person to do? Education is the answer. Educate yourself as much as possible to avoid the dangers. This website was created with one goal – to teach everyone how to use the internet safely and to avoid all of the dangers.

Information here will be presented in easy to understand terms. It’s aimed at everyone including first time computer users. If you’re an 80 year old person thinking of using internet banking but aren’t sure if its safe then read this website as much as possible and you’ll quickly learn to avoid scams. That’s the purpose of this website and I hope to achieve it with regular posts, articles and newsletters.

Later we’ll also have a newsletter you can receive through email. You’ll be able to redistribute the newsletter to your company’s staff, clients, friends and family. You’ll even be able to co-brand it with your company’s logo.

The most important part of this massive initiative is your participation. Post comments to articles, send us emails, and refer your colleagues, friends and families to read this site.

Enrique Di Tondo
Editor of FraudO.com

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