HP Flash Drives Ship With Malware

Hp flash drives were found to contain malware. These devices were sent as promotional items with new Proliant Servers.

usb Both 256MB and 1GB USB drives were infected with worms (W32.Fakerecy and W32.SillyFDC), and the worm can copy itself to all other mapped drives on your network.

This is particularly bad because IT technicians generally install these servers and generally have access to quite a few network drives.

HP’s software security response team admitted to the fault and has issued the following list of servers that shipped with the infected USB drive:

ProLiant BL20pG4; ProLiant BL25pG2
ProLiant BL45pG2
ProLiant BL260c
ProLiant BL460c; ProLiant BL465c; ProLiant BL465cG5; ProLiant BL480c
ProLiant BL680cG5; ProLiant BL685c; ProLiant BL685cG5
ProLiant DL120G5; ProLiant DL140G3; ProLiant DL145G3; ProLiant DL160G5;
ProLiant DL165G5; ProLiant DL180; ProLiant DL180G5; ProLiant DL185G5
ProLiant DL320G5; ProLiant DL320G5p; ProLiant DL320s; ProLiant DL360G5;
ProLiant DL365; ProLiant DL365G5; ProLiant DL380G5; ProLiant DL385G2;
ProLiant DL385G5
ProLiant DL580G4; ProLiant DL580G5; ProLiant DL585G2; ProLiant DL585G5
ProLiant ML110G4; ProLiant ML110G5; ProLiant ML115; ProLiant ML115G5;
ProLiant ML150G3; ProLiant Ml150G5
ProLiant ML310G4; ProLiant ML310G5; ProLiant ML350G5; ProLiant ML370G5
ProLiant ML570G4
IP Console Switch with virtual media
Server Console switch
Server Console Switch with virtual media
TFT7600 (USB Pass-through)
1U Rackmount Keyboard with USB

This kind of threat isn’t limited to HP customers. Any device you plug into a USB port can potentially carry malware. Therefore you should always have a good antivirus program running on your computers.

A while back we reported on similar incidents: Digital Picture Frames with malware, MP3 players sold with malware

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