Digital Picture Frames with malware

Now you also have to be careful when you buy digital picture frames. There have been numerous reports of some of these devices being infected with a virus. When you put in a photo memory card it installs a trojan onto the card. Then later, if you put the card into your computer it can install the trojan onto the computer.

old photoIt then tries to stop any anti-virus system the computer may have and then starts stealing passwords. Pretty serious stuff.

And it seems the digital picture frames came from the factory with this already installed. No one had tampered with the devices beforehand.  This has been happening to quite a few digital gadgets such as MP3 players.

A good anti-virus system will detect this and prevent itself to be disabled, so if you haven’t already done so invest in one. And if you come across such a device have a chat to the store you bought it from, it’s possible they have no idea it’s happening.

Update (26 Jan 08): Best Buy were selling these devices with the brand name Insignia. They’ve just realised and have taken the off the shelf and are trying to contact customers who bought them.

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