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In the last few days there have been some malicious videos posted on Facebook. If you use Facebook and see any of the following videos, don’t click on them.,

  • a video of disgraced former International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn and a hotel maid
  • an X-rated video of celebrities Rihanna and Hayden Panettiere

These videos are not actual videos, but are links to a website that installs malware. Note that it affects both Windows and Mac computers. On Windows, the malware tells people to install a new version of Adobe Flash Player, but instead installs a fake antivirus program. On a Mac the malware brings up a fake security warning and asks people to install a fake “fix” to the problem. In both cases the malware then wreaks havoc with the computer, shows pornographic images, and asks the user to pay money to stop it happening. After (real) money is paid the malware remains. So overall it’s quite a nasty bit of work.

If you come across anything like this in Facebook please let the person who posted it know it’s malicious. The sooner they remove the post the less damage it will do.


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