Computer Technician Phone Call Scam

I received a phone call that began with

Can I speak to the user of the computer?

Then the caller started explaining he’s from Windows. I hung up, frustrated, because it’s a scam. Never believe anything like this from an unsolicited caller. Talking to other people it’s evident the scam involves the caller gaining remote access to your computer, installing spyware, then invoicing you for their time.

Have you received phone calls like this? Care to share your experience?

Update: List of phones numbers these calls have come from:

  • 00496075278802 [UK]
  • 760 429 2887 [USA]
  • 760-429-2887 [USA]

6 thoughts on “Computer Technician Phone Call Scam”

  1. I just had one of these many calls but this one claimed to be ringing from windows. Normally the don’t ask your name. This one asked to speak to mr (my surname). I said he wasn’t here and can I help you. I knew straight away it was a scam because we’ve had about 8 of these calls now.
    SO when he said he was windows, I said to him I know it’s a scam and let me guess, my pc is filled with dangerous viruses. I then went on and told him to quit calling here, because we know it’s bullshit. This jackass then had the audacity to tell me he will ring back later. I told him not to ring back and that his full number came up on my caller ID. He just kept repeating that he will call back later. It started pissing me off so I just put the phone down. Normally no number comes up on my ID, but this is the number that came up: 00496075278802
    Whether it is their number or not, I don’t know. But yeah… Getting sick of these calls now!

  2. I got a call from someone purporting to be from windows, telling me I had problems with my computer and he could fix it. I told him I was so glad he called and asked what department was he in as I also worked for Microsoft as an IT consultant! Instantly, the phone went dead! Never been bothered again!

  3. I actually fell for the scam once before i realized they were scammers but when they started asking me to buy a particular software to clean the virus, i startes suspecting, because i was told i could only buy it thru them and i told them i will think about it, and they kept calling and calling until today that i told the guy that i know he is a scammer and he kept saying, no am from windows and i asked for his number to call him later and he gave 760 429 2887 telling me he is calling from California.

  4. I got a similar call today from a guy with an Indian accent saying he was from the tech dept of windows operating system saying my computer is downloading some unwanted and malicious files and its harming my operating system. He was able to list my registration number (as proof that this was not a scam). I went along with it until he directed me to a website that allows someone to have access to your computer. then, I told him I had to go to work but would call back. He gave me the same number 760-429-2887. I googled the number and found this site. Thanks so much for posting the warning!

  5. Want is scary is they have your phone number and name. They seem to know what kind of computer you have as well.
    Be wary these people are trying to take advantage in many ways. I only wish we had googled this phone number before. We are now trying to get our $215.00 back.

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