Fake Skype Email

This email claims to be from Skype, offering a new version to download. It’s fake, the link has nothing to do with Skype.

Remember, Skype does not email you and me with links to download. Skype will update itself.


Dear Skype Users,

To start New Year 2011 with new features, options and improvements, we’ve just released the new version of Skype Software.

<link removed for security reasons>

New in this version :

* Up to 5-way group video call.
* Redesigned calling experience.
* Improved video snapshots gallery.
* Improved browser plugins performance on some websites.
* Reduced false positives on browser plugin phone number recognition.
* New presence icons.
* Improved handling of calling attempts made when the user has run out of credit.
* Improved access to sharing functionality  

To check and download the latest version , go to :

<link removed for security reasons>

Start downloading the update right now and let us know what you think about it.

We’re working on making Skype better all the time !

Talk soon,

The people at Skype

====================== PROTECT YOUR PASSWORD ===========================
Skype or Skype Staff will NEVER ask you for your password via email. The only place you are asked for your password is when you sign in to the Skype application or our website.

If you see the above email, delete it or mark it as spam.

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