Latest Trojan Emails

New trojan emails will never cease. I’ll just summarise these new spam emails below. The deal’s always the same, some story and/or photo to get you interested enough to click on a link, download some malicious code or to type in some personal details into a stranger’s web site.

So delete unsolicited emails featuring the following:

  • A pixelated photo of Angelina Jolie, promising to show you a video of her
  • A notification from UPS about an undelivered parcel
  • As above (UPS) but in German
  • You won the Beijing 2008 Olympics Lotto (something that you didn’t enter and that doesn’t even exist). It promises US$500,000 if you provide enough personal banking details.
  • "‘Roswell’ Victims Spill Beans on the Beijing Olympics"  (the subject doesn’t even make sense)

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