Fake Invoices

departures There’s some new spam that claims you bought a plane ticket and has an invoice attached. The invoice is in fact a piece of malware. This is similar to the UPS (United Parcel Service) emails that have been popular in the past couple of weeks.

The email will have a variation of the following:

  • It claims to be an order for a flight ticket from some random airline
  • It gives you a login name and password
  • It claims that your credit card was charged for some amount. This could cause people to become concerned
  • Tells you that the invoice is attached. If you’re concerned about being charged for something you didn’t order then you’d be tempted to open the invoice.
  • Claims that an e-ticket is also attached and that if you print it you can just board a flight. This "getting something for free" could get people’s attention.

If you get any emails like this just delete it. Don’t open the attachment.

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