Legally Installed Spyware

In December last year I wrote about Germany’s police wanting to install spyware on people’s computers when they deem it necessary. The legislation has now been approved, at least  in the German state of Bavaria.

What this means to you:

If you live in Bavaria, either as a resident or as a visitor, keep in mind that authorities can now legally install spyware on any computer you use if they suspect you of being a terrorist, or posing other serious criminal threats. This sounds fairly general and could apply to a lot of situations.

If the police can’t install spyware on your computer remotely they also have the authority to enter your premises and install the spyware directly onto any computers you use.

No judicial warrants are required.

So if you have any data you wish to keep private (assuming you have a perfectly legitimate reason to do so) you’ll have to start being creative. You could take your business elsewhere, be paranoid about what computer or operating systems you use (hint: popular systems are usually easier targets), and keep informed on the latest computer spying and hacking techniques.

This article’s aim is to raise awareness that governments can and do spy on people’s computers.

More information here.

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