Scary emails with malware

Malware infected emails are getting scarier with subjects about wanting to sue you. Take the email below, it suggests that your email is sending spam and that you’re going to be sued. This kind of tactic is called social engineering, the words have been carefully crafted to add a sense of urgency, which in most people causes irrational decisions to be made such as opening the attachment in the email.

The email says,

Hello. Your email is sending spam messages! If you don’t stop sending spam, we will be impelled to sue you! We’ve attached a scanned copy of the document assembled by our security service to this letter. Please carefully read through the document and stop sending spam messages. This is the final warning!

The subject is one of

  • You are sending ad messages
  • We are going to sue you
  • This is the final warning
  • We’ve sent you a copy of a complaint
  • A message from our security service

If you see an email like this don’t click on the attachment. Delete the email. The attachment is a trojan that then installs viruses every time you reboot the PC.


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