Australian Taxation Office – New Rules

The following email is a scam. It encourages you to click on a link about tax, but instead takes you to a website that tells you your computer has a virus. This is where the scam comes in – you don’t really have a virus. They just want to sell you a fake antivirus product.

The email says:

Australian Taxation Office informs you about the changes in the rules of submitting tax report.

Please, read about the changes to Click Here.

Important to know
We do not offer cashier services for tax payments or refunds. For further information on how to pay your taxes, see How to pay.

We are kindly asking you to keep to rules and terms of tax report submission to avoid penalty. 

Best regards,

Andrew Nichols
Australian Taxation Office

If you see this email, don’t click on the links. Delete it.

How can you be sure if it’s real or a scam?

Place the mouse pointer over the links, but don’t click. You should see the real address popup. If it looks dodgy then it’s probably a scam. See this screenshot,

Fake ATO emailThis type of scam email is common. Always use this trick to judge if the email is legitimate or a scam.


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