ATM Skimming

This isn’t internet or PC related but it’s still good knowledge to avoid scams.

ATM skimming usually involves someone attaching 2 devices to an ATM:

  1. A device to read your bank card number
  2. A device to record you typing in your PIN

They attach these devices to the ATM and make it look convincing enough that most people won’t notice they’re there.

In the past the scammers would come back in a few hours and take away the devices so they can retrieve the information. And sometimes the police would be there waiting for them to return. Today crooks have gotten smarter and attach mobile phones to send the information to their own phone. This way they don’t have to return to the scene of the crime.

So the real problem is, how do you know if an ATM has these skimming devices attached? Below is a presentation prepared for a local bank in Australia. No matter which bank you use the information in this report is useful.

It’s easy to read through the presentation and won’t take up much of your time, and it’s full of interesting photos of card skimmers. You can find it here:

PowerPoint presentation: here.

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