AVG LinkScanner

AVG has been making anti-virus products for years, they’re a trusted company. They’ve now made one of their products free, and it would be useful for many of you. It’s called AVG LinkScanner.

It’s a plugin for FireFox and Internet Explorer. It checks every web page you load, and if it’s a known dangerous site it stops it from loading, protecting you before any malware gets a chance to run.

This is very useful if:

  1. Your main web browser is FireFox or Internet Explorer, and
  2. You use Windows, and
  3. You haven’t invested in a good anti-virus package.

It’s a fact that a lot of malware (including viruses, spyware, adware, etc) installs itself when you visit a hacked page. Most of the time you won’t know it’s happening – it’s important to install something that helps protect you.

Download it for free from: http://linkscanner.avg.com/

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