AusCERT Survey

look An Australian security organisation called AusCERT has conducted a survey and come up with the following results. I’ve added my own comments on the right.

Survey Results Comments
84% of respondents use the internet for banking 84% of internet users have something to lose if they’re not careful.
5% have used a neighbour’s unsecured wireless internet This is not only illegal but they’re using an untrusted network
11% never update their operating system Updates exist to patch known vulnerabilities, so these 11% of people have computers that can be hacked
8% never update their anti-virus software New viruses are discovered every day so these people are at greater risk
23% have malware infections on their computer Malware such as spyware and internet banking don’t go well together (i.e. this is how criminals steal money). Malware is always a bad thing to have on your computer. Do something about it.
68% are confident or very confident with computer security The other 32% should be reading

The full survey results have been published here. It’s an interesting read, especially seeing the reasons why some people don’t use anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

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