WordPress 2.5

Last night I upgraded this website to WordPress 2.5. Why? Because it’s important to always use the latest version of software.

The previous version (2.3.3) was doing well, it did everything I needed. But as with any piece of software vulnerabilities are eventually found and exploited. The good people at WordPress release new versions not only to add new features that I may or may not need, they fix vulnerabilities.

Recently a vulnerability was found in WordPress 2.3.3 (the previous version of WordPress). At last count there were 21,800 websites in the world using that version and are vulnerable to hacking. And on the 19th of March 2008 a vulnerability was found in WordPress 2.1.3.

The solution as always is to upgrade to the latest version as soon as it becomes available (you still need to test the upgrade and backup your files before doing any upgrade).

So version 2.5 is more secure. The new features it provides are nice but security should be the first priority. Imagine if this website were hacked and visitors’ PCs became infected just by browsing this site!



  • WordPress is the software that powers this website. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start a new website.
  • I’ve been updating the sidebar on the right, apologies if it doesn’t look right.

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  1. You misrepresent what I said in my post. I dont say , anywhere, that there was or is, a vulnerability in WP 2.3.3

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