FlashGet Malware

FlashGet is a popular free download manager. The latest version has a problem and someone exploited this problem causing anyone downloading this program to install a trojan on their computer.

Any version starting with the number 1.9 is susceptible to this problem. And if you downloaded it between the 29th of February 2008 and the 14th of March 2008 then it probably installed a trojan on your computer.

This is what FlashGet looks like:


Some useful advice:

  • Use a different download manager
  • Purchase a good antivirus package and scan your computer

3 thoughts on “FlashGet Malware”

  1. Been using flashget for a year now and no problem..i scan frequently using the pay version of Avast.also malwarebytes and superantispyware..problem wih malwarebytes is that it always wants to misdiagnose legit software for being malware..it’s kind of annoying.

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