eBay Fraud

eBay fraud is rampant in Romania, Russia and China. In fact, eBay says that the majority of all eBay phishing emails comes from these countries.

Mark Lee is the trust and safety manager for eBay UK and he’s made the following comments:

  • “[there’s] no fear of real punishment [in these countries]”
  • “These attacks are definitely organised”
  • “There are towns in Romania where the entire focus is on sites like eBay as the main source of income”

There have been several hundred arrests in Romania after eBay initiated a campaign to stop fraud, in June 2007. But this hasn’t stopped them and it’s still rampant in these parts.

Techniques used by these criminals include asking eBay shoppers for personal details (when people bid or ask questions on the site) – this is known as phishing and the personal details are later used to commit other crimes.

If you use eBay to buy or sell goods have a read here [ http://pages.ebay.com/securitycenter/ ] for tips and tutorials on eBay security. And continue to read FraudO.com for online security tips.

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