Fake Security Renewals

There’s a trojan that has a tricky way of extorting money from users. It begins with a computer being infected with this particular trojan.

Then it shows an image on your screen (that won’t go away) telling you that you need to renew your security software (whether or not you have security doesn’t matter, this shows a fake screen). It gives you two options to pay for an update, both of which are part of the scam, the money goes into the pockets of the people who have spread this trojan.

Method 1: it asks you to send an SMS to a premium service, which costs you £10 (or the equivalent in your currency).

Method 2: it asks you to call a phone number, which is also a premium service and costs you the equivalent of US$35 (different prices and currencies in different countries).

Have a look at the screen-shots on this web page to recognise the fake renewal request.

The message reads (complete with spelling errors):

Browser Security and Antiadware Software component license exprited! Surfing PORN, ADULT and some other kind of sites you like without this software is dangerows and threatens with infection of your computer by harmful viruses, adware, spyware, etc… You strongly need to update your software to avoid infection and losting information from your computer. Please complete procedure of software update

If you come across this, or any other similar scam never ever pay them any money, or call the supplied phone number or SMS (otherwise you’ll be out of pocket a small amount of money).

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