Facebook “Remove Timeline” Scams

Facebook has a new “Timeline” feature. At the moment it’s optional but soon all Facebook users will have it. Some people aren’t happy with timeline, so scammers have stepped in to “help”.

If you see something claiming to help you remove the Timeline feature in Facebook, it’s likely a scam. It starts with someone claiming to have instructions on removing Timeline. If you click on the link, spam is added to your Facebook profile. Another variation asks your Facebook friends to provide their details to the scammers. 

Some variations of the “Remove Timeline” scams are a little more complicated, and install software on your computer. To cover up the fact that it isn’t really helping you it says that it will take up to 24 hrs to take effect. This is just a trick.

If you see a scam like this on Facebook, ignore it, or click on the “Report App” button on the left menu – this will alert Facebook staff about the scam app (this is only visible on Facebook Apps).

At the moment there is no official way to remove the Timeline feature – I’ll update this post if this changes.


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