Free $1000 Ikea Gift Card Scam

Some ads have appeared on Facebook and Twitter. The ads are:

  • Contratulations. Get a free $1,000 Ikea Gift Card
  • Get A Free Apple Ipad Just For Testing It!: Would You Like To Test Apple Ipod? Get Your Free IPad Here Hurry
  • Get the Aple iPad Free

Note how many mistakes there are on the second one, a clear sign of a scam.

All of these ads are part of a scam. They take you to a site that asks for your name, address, date of birth, and email. These details are used to send you more spam.

Then you are taken to an online gambling site, hoping that you’ll be tempted to hand over money.

Nearly 40,000 Facebook users have been tricked by this scam, and it doesn’t end there. The same scam is also used for fake food gift certificates, and no doubt will continue to evolve.

If you see scams like these, please don’t forward the message along. You don’t want your friends and family to fall victims of a scam. Do proper research before passing any “bargain” messages along.

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