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I received the email shown below, Googled it and saw that it’s a scam. Unfortunately I also found that quite a lot of people have fallen for this scam so I’ll explain how it works.

Firstly they send out the email shown, it offers to list your business on a register. Their email mentions the word “free” several times and they never mention a price – but it’s misleading, they’re actually offering a paid service. It’s called deceptive marketing and it’s illegal in most countries.

Then if you sign up to list your business they send an invoice for approx €995 (quite a bit of money).

Now this is when the stress begins for most victims. If you ignore their invoice they start sending a stream of nasty letters threatening legal action. Based on what I’ve read in forums it seems that they’re empty threats (see for yourself here).

So please do a bit of research on any unsolicited marketing offers you might receive. Search on Google, even if you think it’s a free offer.

The email that they sent is:

Ladies and Gentlemen.

In order to have your company inserted in the registry of World Businesses for 2009/2010 edition, please print, complete and submit the enclosed
form (PDF file) to the following address:

P.O. Box 2021
3500 GA Utrecht
The Netherlands

FAX: +31 20 524 8107

Updating is free of charge!

If you are not the intended recipient, please submit an email to
Your request shall be dealt with accordingly.

And the attachment that they sent looks like this:

world business guide

If you see this email just delete it.

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