Woman loses $400k to Nigerian Scammer

I’ve written about Nigerian scams before, they’re very common and in most cases the scammers are based in Nigeria. It starts with an email telling you that someone wants to give you a million dollars, you just need to send over a bit of money to get things started.

The promise of money is enough for some people to get hooked into the scam, they believe all the stories and keep sending money to the scammer hoping to get their “reward”.

A woman in Oregon, USA, was scammed of US$400,000 over a 2 year period using this scam. If you have friends or family who aren’t aware of these scams, please let them know how it works. Show them this video and help raise their awareness. There are still many people in the world in a vulnerable position.

Watch the video below, or if it doesn’t load click here to access it.

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