Tax Door Knocking Scam

This one has been reported in Australia but could just as easily happen anywhere.

Scammers have been knocking on people’s doors and claiming to be officials from the Australian Tax Office. They ask the resident to sign up to a program in return for reduced taxes. This is the bait part of the scam, offering you a way to pay less tax.

The scammers just need your credit card or bank details in return for their generous offer of reduced taxes. This is confidential information that you shouldn’t be giving out to strangers.

The Australian Tax Office has said that they’ll never initiate unsolicited house calls, if they do ever visit your home they’ll make an appointment first. And they will always show some ID on arrival. If this happens to you and you’re unsure what to do, the ATO’s phone number is 1300 686 636, they’ll be able to verify the situation.

This scam was also happening earlier this year using phone calls – the scammer calls random people and gives them the same story about reducing their tax and claiming to be from the Australian Tax Office.

If you have any comments on how this works in other countries please post below in the comments.

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