New Facebook Trojan

There’s a new Facebook Trojan – it shows up as a message from a friend asking you to click on a link.

If you click, it runs a trojan on your computer that uses your Facebook account to send the same message to all your contacts.

The message has a few variations, such as the ones below:

Veryy veryy funnny videoo of you..;)


Donn’t cryy! Yoour mom wiill nnever see thhis moviee.HA-HA-HA!!


Check out my video: http…etc…


AA-ha-ha, i saw yourr a__ in the internnet! lol My a__ has not been on the internet. My hubby won a nipp


Yoou’ve bbeen fiilmed! Haven’’t you notiiced?Is this whatIra is talking about?


If you see these in Facebook don’t click on it. And tell the person who sent it that their PC might be infected with malware.

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