St George Bank Phishing Email

This one’s an old phishing email that never gives up, it’s still being sent in bulk to just about everyone.

St George is an Australian bank and this email’s designed to catch out their customers and to steal their online banking details.

Below is a copy of the email:

Restore your Internet Banking Access

As a result of too many incorrect attempts to access Internet Banking, your access to this service has been locked. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please logon to your account and restore your access as soon as possible.

Internet Banking: Restore Access

trashLike all phishing attempts it’s designed to strike some fear and sense of urgency into account holders. Fear and urgency often cause people to make irrational decisions, and possibly to click on the link and quickly type in their banking details before realising they’re on a fake site.

Because this email’s been around for some time a lot of web browsers, email clients, and anti-virus products will block it. If it hasn’t been blocked on your system then you really need to upgrade your software.

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