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We now have 2 new ways to subscribe to so that you don’t miss out on important announcements. Keep up to date on fraud, scams, malware, etc with these new options:

1. Twitter – You can follow us on Twitter by clicking here and clicking on Follow. You’ll need a Twitter account first. You’ll also be able to ask us questions and take part in more interactive conversations.

2. Facebook – We now have a Facebook group you can join, . You can ask questions here, share articles you come across, and learn more about everything FraudO stands for.

And of course we have all the other ways you can subscribe and follow our news:

3. You can subscribe by email. Near the top right corner of our website is a place to enter your email address. You’ll be sent a confirmation email to confirm your address. And we promise we won’t spam you, you’ll only receive updates of new articles and posts.

4. RSS – If you use an RSS newsreader you can subscribe to our feed at . If you don’t have an RSS newsreader you can starting using one for free at . You just need a Google account (also free).

so many connections And of course you could refresh our page every day or two. There are now 289 articles on this site. To save you the time and effort of always refreshing this page try out one of the systems shown above.

We also rely heavily on search engines such as Google. Many people receive a scam email and copy & paste it into Google to work out if it’s a scam or not. Google usually puts FraudO articles near the top (Google is showing a bit of faith in us). Then they’ll be able to read our article explaining the scam. In fact we get thousands of enquiries through Google, so that’s thousands of people we’ve helped identify scams.

At the end of every article on FraudO you have the chance to leave comments. Some people like to share their own experiences, or to ask questions. Whatever it is, you’re welcome to add your own comments.

We also have a live chat system. This is hosted by Quayport, our affiliate and IT services provider. You can chat with an engineer about any security or scam concerns you have. It’s available for a few hours a day. The chat system can be found at

Then there’s our enquiry form. Replies can be a bit slower but you’re more than welcome to send your enquiries. Please use the form provided at

We also tried a forum type system but it hasn’t been very successful. It’s still up but we’ll eventually replace it with something better. It can be found at

Well, that’s enough for an admin update. As you can see we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to keep on top of scams. It’s a dangerous world out there on the internet. The best thing you can do is to keep learning about all the scams, fraud, etc, and how to keep your PC safe from malware. Help spread the word and to fight the good fight.

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