Western Union Uncollected Money

Another Western Union scam email is being sent to people. The email claims that you sent money with Western Union and that it has been returned to you (this is the incentive designed to catch your attention, free money).

The email has an attachment that is supposed to be an invoice. Instead the attachment infects your PC with a virus that waits for you to use internet banking then steals your password.

The email reads:

Dear client!

The money transfer you have sent on the 12th of April was not collected by the recipient. Due to the Western Union regulation the transfers which are not received in 15 days are to be returned to sender.

To collect money you need to print the invoice attached to this email and visit the nearest Western Union branch.

Thank you!

If you see this email, or one similar to it, delete it. Western Union didn’t really send it. And don’t open the attachment.

Tell-tale signs of a scam email:

  • There are a few grammatical errors in the email. It’s common for scammers to have poor English skills (though they’re getting better)
  • Did you send money with Western Union in the past 15 days? If not then it’s almost definitely a scam. Don’t be tempted.
  • If you’re unsure, copy & paste parts of the email into Google. Then read through the results looking for evidence of known scams.

You should also be scanning your email for spam and malware. This will filter out most of the scams before you have a chance to read them.

There was another Western Union scam that has been quite popular, read about it here.

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