Twitter Worm: StalkDaily

Some messages are being sent on Twitter right now that are part of a worm. If you receive one of the following Twitter messages ignore it and don’t click on the link.

  • I love
  • wow…
  • Join everyone!
  • Hey everyone, join It’s a test site like Twitter but with pictures, videos, and so much more! 🙂
  • Woooo, 🙂
  • Virus? What? is legit!
  • Dude, is awesome. What’s the fuss?

If you click on the link some code runs in the background that sends the same messages but from your own Twitter account.

Is it harmful? No, it was a publicity stunt by a site called StalkDaily. This is what a worm is, something that spreads through the internet similar to a virus but without infecting files. It’s still not a good thing to have around.

In this case it’s harmless but it could have been harmful. By the time you click the damage could have been done.

One thought on “Twitter Worm: StalkDaily”

  1. No doubt we’ll see more of these exploits targeting social networks in the future. It seems such a convenient way of spreading the malicious code with next to no effort at all.

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