New Malicious PowerPoint Files

Some new PowerPoint files are being sent around the internet that do some bad things. When you open the PowerPoint file it runs a program that lets others connect to your PC, it then installs more malware onto it. And finally it cleans up the original PowerPoint file to make it more difficult to detect that the PC has been infected.

The following versions of PowerPoint are affected:

  • PowerPoint 2000 Service Pack 3
  • PowerPoint 2002 Service Pack 3
  • PowerPoint 2003 Service Pack 3
  • Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac

If you’re using PowerPoint 2007, just the PowerPoint Viewer (not the full version), or Office 2008 for Mac, then you’re safe.

If you receive spam with an attached PowerPoint file delete it.

Here is Microsoft’s advisory about this problem.

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