Facebook Get Rich Quick Scheme

There were some ads on Facebook promising to make you rich by signing up to a Google advertising program. The ads had bogus testimonials, trying to make it look real.

If you click on the ad it takes you to a page branded "EMillionaire". It tells you to submit your details to see if you’re eligible to join the program.

The details it asks you for include your credit card number. It said that you would be charged US$1.90. Maybe some people were ok with this charge.

However, instead of being charged a small amount and being told the secret of becoming a millionaire, they charge US$197 to your credit card.

This is a scam. Facebook said they’ve removed the ads but people have reported that some still exist.

Also watch out for "Work at home" ads, they’re usually a scam as well.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Get Rich Quick Scheme”

  1. I just realized they took $47 from my account two days ago (March 9th). I used debit card when I signed in February 17th. I can’t believe they are doing this and I took the bait!!!

    Is everyone doing something about this as far as lawsuit goes?

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