Facebook Privacy Settings

AllFacebook has listed 10 privacy settings they recommend if you worry about how your personal details are shared with the public. The settings are listed below, together with my comments:

  1. Use Your Friend List – This is just grouping friend according to your own social circles, and you can apply privacy policies to each group. Makes sense since not all friends are created equal.
  2. Remove Yourself From Facebook Search Results – This prevents people finding you on Facebook, good for school teachers etc.
  3. Remove Yourself From Google – This prevents Google indexing your details. I believe this is a good thing, sometimes Google knows too much about about people.
  4. Avoid the Infamous Photo/Video Tag Mistake – This setting lets you control who can see photos of you.
  5. Protect Your Albums – This is similar to item 4, it also limits who can see your photos.
  6. Prevent Stories From Showing Up in Your Friends’ News Feeds – It basically stops gossip.
  7. Protect Against Published Application Stories – Some Facebook applications are silly and embarrassing, this tip explains them.
  8. Make Your Contact Information Private – You can control who gets to see your phone number, email address, etc
  9. Avoid Embarrassing Wall Posts – You can prevent friends posting embarrassing things on your Facebook wall.
  10. Keep Your Friendships Private – You can prevent others seeing your friend list.

The article explains these 10 things in great detail, with screen shots. It’s easy enough for anyone to follow. Read it here.

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