Beware Of Fake Obama News

A lot of people are talking about Barack Obama, it seems to be a big news topic right now. Scammers have taken advantage of the media hype and have started publishing fake news sites.

These fake news sites are designed to get your attention and to go to their web page. Their web page then attempts to install malware on your PC.

Some of the fake headlines include:

  • Barack Obama has refused to be a president
  • Haven’t you heard latest news about our president-elect?
  • Barack Obama abandoned sinking ship
  • Obama doesn’t wany [sic] anymore to be a president

These fake sites have a professional look and feel. If you don’t have a good anti virus package installed it’s very likely your PC will become infected and you won’t know about it. The infection forms part of a botnet, meaning it’s under the control of someone else and will be used to commit online crimes.

So be cautious about these fake news articles. It’s highly unlikely that Obama has changed his mind at this stage. Use a good anti virus package that also scans web sites. And don’t use Internet Explorer, start using one of the popular alternative browsers such as FireFox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.

Whenever something big happens in the news there are people that will always take advantage with made-up sensational headlines, designed to trick you into opening their web pages.

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