Fake Twitter Site

Recently people have been receiving a message in Twitter that says something like

hey! check out this funny blog about you…
hxxp://t w i tter.access-logins..com

The link takes you to a page that looks a lot like the Twitter login page. If you try typing in your Twitter username and password it records it in a private database. Later someone will log into your Twitter account using your password and start sending out message like the one above.

Many people have one password for many sites, so once they have your Twitter account they could later try other services (e.g. Facebook).

If you use Twitter and see the above message just ignore it. Don’t click on the link.

Some web browsers (such as the latest version of FireFox and the latest version of Opera) will now detect this fake site and show you a large warning. A good antivirus package will also detect these sites and block them.

And if you think you’ve already fallen for this change your passwords.

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