Congratulations You Won

This article is about the fake lottery ads you see on web pages.

I was trying out some new ads on this site, expecting them to put ads for real items that you can legitimately purchase. Instead, this ad appeared:

Lottery ad It’s a very annoying ad that changes colours a lot. The text says:

Contragulations! You are the 999,999th visitor: Congratulations you WON! Click here to claim

It’s a scam so I quickly removed the ad and contacted the advertising company – I only want nice legitimate ads on this site that don’t annoy and don’t deceive readers.

You are not the 999,999th visitor, it always shows this no matter how many times people visit the page.

And you didn’t win, and clicking on the link doesn’t help you claim your fake winnings.

The link took me to a page run by Freelotto. It asks you for some personal details, and again has a button claiming it will "release your winnings". However the terms and conditions suggest that there’s some chance involved before you’ll get anything. It also states that they’ll send you ads, lots of ads.

A quick search on Google shows that Freelotto is a scam.

So I’ll continue to filter out scam ads and to inform you about them.

5 thoughts on “Congratulations You Won”

  1. “I quickly removed the ad”

    How? Nothing I can do can get shut of this shite. Clicking the standard top right cross only brings up the bloody site.

    “and contacted the advertising company”

    Again, how, and where?

    I know this is a scam, but how do you stop it happening, haow do you get rid of the bloody thing?

  2. Hi Bob, it’s an ad that appears on web pages. You can’t close it because it’s not a popup, just a picture, just ignore it.

    I contacted the advertising company that allowed this ad to appear, they said they’ll investigate but they didn’t actually do anything.

  3. i dont know who came up with this fake lotto thing but i kept claiming and no shit was showing up….damn,i thot i had………….

  4. i am so so so so sick of this *#%@ bull*#%@ that comes up on my screen! and all the other *#%@ that says that i have won stuff! *#%@ low lifes making our computers crash by making these *#%@ a *#%@ ya *#%@ *#%@ *#%@!

  5. The best solution is to install Adblock Plus. It’s an extension for Chrome or Firefox that does a fantastic job of blocking almost all ads.

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