Unsecured Wireless Routers

Here’s what happens when you don’t take proactive steps to secure your wireless router (or wireless network). Recently there were a series terrorist bomb attacks in India, and threat emails were sent by the terrorists. 

The source of the emails were traced and they came from the home of an innocent family in Mumbai (India). The terrorists had used their unsecure wireless network to gain access to the internet and do their thing. The residents said,

“We did not feel the need to secure or password-protect our internet connection. But now it has become a necessity for all citizens to secure their connections”

This stuff really happens, read the full article here.

So how do you secure your wireless router? What other consequences can you face for leaving it unsecure? Read our previous article. In fact, use the search box on the top right of this site and search for “wireless” – there’s a lot to learn about wireless security at home and in the office.

Keep in mind that when you buy new (or old) wireless equipment such as a wireless router, the security settings are almost always set to the most insecure options. That’s crazy, but manufacturers think that turning on security by default makes it too hard for people to install these things. Maybe, but most people are lazy and don’t turn on the security features, putting them at risk of being hacked or involved in serious crime.

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