Advanced Fee Fraud on LinkedIn

The Advanced Fee Fraud is also known as a 419 scam. This is an old and still very popular scam whereby someone who is either a foreigner or is posing as a foreigner asks a stranger for help transferring large amounts of money. They promise a large compensation in return, and ask for some money to get things started. It sounds simple and a lot of people fall for this.

business card LinkedIn is a social networking site, much like FaceBook and MySpace. LinkedIn is mostly used by professionals, i.e. adults with bank accounts and who have money. This would make a good target for a scammer.

It’s been reported that these advanced fee frauds have been appearing on LinkedIn recently. Users of the service are being too trusting of the community and scammers are taking advantage of this.

If you use any social networking site please be aware of people trying to scam money using these ploys. Read up on how this scam works and let other people know about it.

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