Hospital Spam Review

graphLast week’s post about a threatening spam email (“She has already gone to hospital“) was extremely popular here, and I think it deserves a review.

I was informed about this malicious spam on Monday morning so I wrote about it here. Later that day this site had received a few hundred visits from Australia and New Zealand. This kept up until Thursday when it received over a thousand visitors, mostly from Canada. That was fun, and it’s interesting to see how the spam spread across countries. It’s still getting lots of attention till today.

I beleive the reason this site received so much traffic was because I was the 2nd person to write about it (as far as I could tell by doing a Google search on Monday morning). So when people started to do searches to work out if the threat was real or fake, Google directed them here.

It’s great to see people researching spam instead of blindly believing it. I just hope they had a chance to read this page before they clicked on the malicious link. And I hope everyone learns not to believe everything they read on the internet.

And a special hello to Karen and Stephanie, regular readers of 🙂

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