2Wire Modems

2Wire is a DSL modem manufacturer. Earlier we reported that a Mexican ISP offers 2Wire modems to their customers and that there was a vulnerability in them affecting their customers. The vulnerability is called DNS poisoning.

Many other ISPs also offer this modem to their customers including AT&T. AT&T has taken some positive action to fix the issue, so if you’re an AT&T customer using a 2Wire modem then have a talk to them and see if your modem needs patching.

An AT&T spokesman, Seth Bloom, responded to a Slashdot article and had the following to say:

“The majority of our customers did not have gateways affected by this vulnerability. For those that did, as soon as we became aware of the issue, we expeditiously implemented a permanent solution to close the vulnerability. In fact, we’ve already updated the majority of affected 2Wire gateways, and we’re nearing completion of the process. We’ve received no reports of any significant threats targeting our customers.”

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