KeePass Password Safe is a Windows application that can store all your logins and passwords. It has a long list of useful features and can even generate random passwords for you.

Some features that make this a good tool:

  • Passwords are encrypted, making them impossible to read without the master password
  • You can use a new password for every site without forgetting which is which
  • You can use complicated (strong) passwords more easily
  • You can backup your password list to a file (e.g., onto a USB flash drive that you store safely)
  • It’s open source. Everyone’s free to inspect the source code and convince themselves this program is safe and doesn’t do anything malicious with your passwords. This is very important.

Of course you need to have a computer you trust and use often for this program to be of any use to you. Use a good anti virus package and regularly backup the machine.

KeePass’s website is here.

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