Another Symbian Virus

Nokia N95There’s a new virus affecting mobile phones (cell phones) that use Symbian series 60. It’s been detected in China and is called Kiazha-A Trojan.

It gets transmitted through Bluetooth or MMS messages so you can’t completely avoid receiving it but you can delete it if it arrives on your phone.

It first deletes all text messages in the phone then displays a message asking for RMB 50 yuan (US$7) to get them back.

We have a list here showing some of the more popular phones that are vulnerable. If your phone uses Symbian S60 then be aware of virus messages like this one and delete them if you receive it.

It’s also a good idea to backup your phone’s contents to a memory card every couple of months.

Windows powered phones are also susceptible to viruses, as we’ve mentioned here.

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