Any web address that ends with .com.au.com should be treated with caution. At the moment these pages are redirecting to a fake anti spyware page, tricking people into downloading malicious software.

For example an address such as importantcompany.com.au.com

  • is not the same as importantcompany.com.au
  • is not the same as importantcompany.com

Because the last few letters are different it takes users to a completely different site. Even having one different letter or the dot in a slightly different position is enough for your computer to go to a different site, one owned and operated by an individual with questionable intentions.

In this example importantcompany could be any company or web site you’re familiar with (eg Google).

This is a problem because people are good at recognising patterns and the addresses look similar. However they are in fact different. Care should always be taken with deceptive addresses.

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