False Malware Cleaners

There are some programs that claim to test your computer for malware, then it will always tell you it found something bad. After that it either asks you for money to clean it or does some other misleading action.

tempted by a poison apple Based on some security company’s research there are now 500 of these programs, including some for Mac as well as for Windows.

They look like serious programs, have interesting names, and are complete with websites. Below are some of the more recent ones:

  • AVSystemCare
  • DriveCleaner
  • MalwareAlarm
  • AntiSpywareSheild
  • MacSweeper (written for the Mac)

Avoid all of these programs (don’t download or install them).

Unfortunately this is a growing trend with new products popping up all the time. Use a trusted antivirus package such as the kind that can be purchased from shops.

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