Whole Disk Encryption

If you carry a notebook outside of your home or office then Whole Disk Encryption is a technology you should be interested in. It’s also called Full Disk Encryption. First let’s identify the problem. Most people who carry notebook computers (laptops) keep sensitive files on the machine’s drive. Business documents, business databases, contact lists, emails, … Continue reading Whole Disk Encryption

Another fake anti spyware site

All these fake sites and applications are becoming a bigger problem. The latest is called removal-tool . com (warning, do not try going to this site). It appears to be a collection of spyware removal tools except that it actually tries to install quite a few different bits of malware on your computer. It’s a … Continue reading Another fake anti spyware site

Only 5% of Windows PCs are fully patched

A recent survey by a security company called Secunia shows that only 5% of computers are fully patched. The other 95% are running insecure software. It’s important to patch all of your software. This includes the operating system itself (e.g. Windows, Mac OS, Linux), your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox), and all your applications. … Continue reading Only 5% of Windows PCs are fully patched

Can Apples be more secure?

The US Army has been upgrading their servers and workstations to Macs and are claiming they’re harder to hack (i.e. they’re more secure). The primary reason they state is that fewer attacks are written for Macs than for Windows. This seems true for now. One common weakness between all operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc) … Continue reading Can Apples be more secure?

Keep critical software up to date

Some programs you use are critical to the safe use of your computer, and it’s important to keep these patched. In this article critical software is the collection of programs (both visible and those that run in the background) that transport information from a web server to your screen. It’s the chain of data flow … Continue reading Keep critical software up to date

Protecting A Home Computer – First Steps

This article covers the most basic proactive measures you can take to protect your computer. It’s been written with a single home computer in mind – small and large offices need completely different solutions and they’ll be covered in a future article. So you have a computer and are aware of the dangers present on … Continue reading Protecting A Home Computer – First Steps