Malware Statistics

Avast! is a company that makes a decent anti-virus program. They recently published some statistics that are interesting: Their anti-virus programs blocks 1 billion malware a month. That’s 1,000,000,000 attempts to install viruses, trojans, password stealers, etc on to people’s PCs. A month. And that’s just by one small company. 1 in 15 people encounter … Continue reading Malware Statistics

Windows 7 RC on BitTorrent

Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) was released recently by Microsoft. It’s free for anyone to download and test it before the final version’s finished. A few days before the official release someone posted a copy on a BitTorrent network. Unfortunately this copy was infected with a trojan that downloads more malware. This is very bad. … Continue reading Windows 7 RC on BitTorrent


Another Mac trojan. There’s a program for Macs called MacCinema Installer. The filename is: Flash.Player.Update.v9.19.dmg. Some web sites claim that you need to install it to watch their videos. When you install it, it adds something to your Mac so that every 5 hours it will try to download malware. So if your Mac becomes … Continue reading MacCinema

Browser Hacking Competition Results

There is a competition where people try to hack web browsers (they call it Pwn2own) , the winners get thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. Below are the results of the competition. It says a lot about which web browsers are safer than others: Safari running on Mac OS X – hacked in 10 … Continue reading Browser Hacking Competition Results

ClickJacking Exploit

A rather serious exploit has recently been discovered. It’s called ClickJacking. The problem is in Adobe’s Flash player, which just about everyone in the world has installed (sometimes without even knowing it).  The vulnerability makes it possible for someone to control your computer’s webcam or microphone, lettting other people spy on you. It’s a serious … Continue reading ClickJacking Exploit