Domino’s Pizza France and Belgium

The websites of Domino’s Pizza in France and Belgium were apparently hacked last week. Hackers stole customer information including full names, delivery addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and passwords. In total the hackers claim to have 592,000 accounts and are threatening to publish all the details on the internet.

If you’ve ever ordered pizza from Domino’s in France or Belgium, now’s a good time to think about your password. If you use the same password on other websites then it’s time to change them. E.g. if your Facebook password is the same as your Domino’s password, then your login details will soon be public knowledge, anyone will be able to look it up and log into Facebook as you – and if you can’t see a problem with that, keep in mind that some fraudsters would like to pose as you and ask your friends for money.

This is a good time to say that you should not use the same password for different sites. You should have a unique password for every site. And you should use a password manager to keep track of them all (because no one can remember so many passwords).

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