Snapchat Hacked

Snapchat is a popular photo messaging application mostly used by teenagers. Yesterday hackers stole information from Snapchat and published it as a database for anyone to see.

The hacked data includes usernames, real names and phone numbers of 4.6 million accounts (this is not all of Snapchat’s users). The hackers “censored” the phone numbers by removing the last 2 digits, but it’s possible they’ll publish it again with the complete number.

What does this mean? If you have ever used Snapchat then your personal information may have been leaked and made public. There’s nothing else you can do, the blame lies with Snapchat for not securing their system.

It also means you might receive personalised spam or fraud in the future. If a scammer knows your real name and the real names of your friends then committing fraud becomes much easier.

More information here.

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