$114b Industry

Which industry made $114 billion in the past 12 months? Cybercrime did.

According to ¬†Norton’s Cybercrime 2011 report, criminals stole US$114b worth of money using the internet. This is a serious problem. Think about where all that money came from? Who do you know that had stolen from their bank account, credit card, or other cases of fraud?

Here’s a breakdown the US$114b:

  • USA: $32b (74 million victims)
  • China: $25b
  • Brazil: $15b
  • India: $4b
These figures are calculated from survey results, so they’re not completely accurate but they do give a very good indication of the problem. The report also estimated that more than 1 million people lose money to cybercrime every day. That’s a lot of people!

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